Keeping It Classy: Sex Toys

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Keeping It Classy: Sex Toys

11 September 2020
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If you and your partner are trying to spice things up in the bedroom while keeping it classy, there may still be an adult sex toy for you. When referring to 'keeping it classy,' many couples want something that will help them be more intimate with their partner, while refraining from making anyone feel uncomfortable. You also may want to steer clear of anything that you would be extremely embarrassed about should a family member or close friend find out about it. Here are a few things that you and your partner may enjoy.


People have been using things like back massagers as vibrators for a long time before vibrator sex toys were a thing. Fortunately, these specialized toys now have a wide array of settings, allowing you to choose what works best for you. There are also many different shapes, which are used to stimulate you (or both of you) in a variety of ways. For example, some vibrator wands have a vaginal and anal probe, allowing you to increase the intensity. Vibrators are very common toys among couples, as they speed up the process and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Vibrators can be found online or in some drugstores and can range in cost from $30 to over $100.  


You may have seen a variety of rings for sale in your local drug store. These discreet devices allow one partner to slip it on their finger and increase the intensity of the experience for both people. Many rings have a variety of textures (and some vibrate), which are used to stimulate a woman's clitoris. In addition, the ring can also be slipped onto a man's penis, causing the whole thing to vibrate during penetration. It is incredible what a small ring can do to increase the satisfaction of a couple. Many couples enjoy rings because they are relatively inexpensive (some are less than $30) and do not require much space for storing. Check your local drug store. 

Having a sex toy does not mean that you have to be okay with everything on the market. To keep a healthy sexual relationship, you should talk about your needs and expectations before introducing any new toys. Make sure that both partners are comfortable and excited about what is to come. Sex toys can be something that really brings you are your partner together through safe sexual play.